Sunday, March 15, 2009

A new version of the Turkish Rose Pincushion....

Thought I'd share this slightly different version of my pincushion. Instead of stitching the rose in place I only stitched it at the center. First, though, I took a purple permannt marker to the cut-out rose shape and lightly made lines from the center out, then I did the same with a permanent red marker. Next, I took a wet paint brush (do this on a paper towel to absorb any color) and "painted" over these strokes with water to mute the colors. I let it dry and then the center circle was stitched in place and I added some long stitches (Perle cotton) over the colored area. I used the same pink to blanket stitch around the petals of the rose. Finally, I tacked the completed rose to the center of the pincushion for a three-dimensional effect. I was thinking I should have done that to the leaves but I'll do that another time.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!