Monday, June 2, 2008

A birthday gift to myself!

I have discovered the joy of blogging and have set this little blog up to tell you all about my pincushions and other small treasures. I love to make things, to sew, work with clay, make miniatures and tiny teddy bears, decorate real eggs, anything creative! To help me pull "my story" together, I'll "chronicle" my collection here. And so, I give this as a birthday gift to myself! Everything I've ever made has a story behind it but I need to write those stories down so now as I create something new, I'll write it's story and along the way, I'll include stories of similar things I've made over the years. But tonight this is all I'll write. It's time to sit back with some stitching and enjoy this last hour of what has been a very good birthday day!!

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angelscometoplay said...

Hey Sandi,

Love your pincushion it is cute. I love them as well. Would love to see a pic of your crazy patchwork one.